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Who hasn't found themselves muttering under their breath in sheer frustration trying to insert a USB stick?

Why does it never seem to go in the first time?

Why do we second guess ourselves every time? Are we holding it the right way, which way is the right way?

Well with USB Simulator 2015, you can finally master the art of USB stick insertion. But BE WARNED. This will not be easy. We could tell you simply line it up and shove it in. But we all know that never works.

Only the most patient and steady of hand will be able to master this craft.

Challenge friends and compete for insertion high scores and achievements.

Let your friends and family know when you get it in. Let them rejoice with you. USB Sim will change your life!



★ Using tilt and motion of your phone

★ Challenge your friends and family!

★ Compete for high scores and achievements using Game Centre (iOS)!

★ Let people know when you get it in!


"Very challenging but fun after a while At first I thought this game was impossible. Now I think it's near impossible. Just missing one achievement now ;)" -Tyler Chapman


"Best game ever but a little tricky" -Adan Garcia

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