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Yeehaw! Time for a Rodeo challenge like no other! How fast can you fill the bucket with milk? Wrangle those cow teats and milk them as fast as you can!

Try not to miss the bucket or you'll lose valuable time! Don't cry over spilled milk, just keep on tugging! Be careful though, milk too hard and you'll burn your cow!

Out of milk already? Quick grab a new cow! MOOve along Bessie! Let's see who's got the fastest teats on the ranch! What are MOO waiting for?

"Holy Cow! This game is UDDERLY ridiculous!"



★ Challenge your friends!

★ Milk the most in a week!

★ Udderly ridiculous achievements!

★ Be crowned Milk Royalty!


"This was hilarious when I watched iHascupquake play it, I just had to try it for myself. Love it!" -Jenna Meyer


"This is so fun I take this app everywhere I go" -Jenny Sengouthai


"Cupquake I played the game because of Cupquake and it is solo funny lol" -Vivian Barrowclough

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