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Snow Racer Friends Free is blazingly fast, snowboard fun! Blast through the snow and bolt past your friends in a race toward the finish line. Charge up with mega power ups to launch over ramps and grind across rails - becoming a blur and knocking the needles right off the trees as you whiz by.

High-energy and fast-paced, Snow Racer Friends Free is great winter fun for you and your friends. Dodge rocks, trees and snowmen as you collect bolts to dash faster and faster in the most addictive snowboarding game on the App Store.


★ Challenge your Facebook friends!

★ 5 mega power ups

★ 9 custom design snowboards

★ 6 awesome boarders to choose from!

★ Swipe or tilt controls


"Snow Racer friends free Verrrrrrrrrry coooooool" -Courtney April


"Snow white board Love it you should play it now :-)" -A Google User


"Love it Brilliant love it controls easy easy to play no complaints lol" -Laura Hughes

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