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How fast can you sink them all??

54 original 3D levels that range from the mind-numbingly easy to the "rip your eyes out of your head, toss your iphone across the room" insanely hard.

Unlike labyrinth games, you must get the balls into the holes, not around them...

Sink them fast, sink them with style!  Sink them faster than your friends.  We've brought the classic, "back seat of you parents car during the crazy long roadtrips" handheld device of old back! Get ready to experience the fun anew on your iPod and iPhone.

Take a trip down memory lane with an original retro soundtrack and artwork, as you gently shift the playing surface to ease the balls into place.  


★ Share your scores with your friends and family using Facebook Connect - dare them to beat your score.

★ Choose from 3 levels of difficulty - go ahead and drop it down to Easy if you just can't handle it - or notch it up to Hard to get that unbeatable high score.

★ 54 Original 3D Levels!

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