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The four main seals of My Baby Seals mobile game (as seen in Tiny Plastic Men) travel to Antarctica where they are invited to a super-fun club. They arrive ready to party but instead find themselves in a trap set by poachers! Paul, their walrus friend, comes to their rescue but is now tasked with getting them all the way home.

My Baby Seals is a comedic 2D launch-and-toss game in which the player attempts to launch a baby seal as far as they can using an assortment of implements. The player chooses the angle, and then the power at which they would like to toss their seal. Once the seal is airborne, the player gets to watch their cute little seal spin and flip through the air, occasionally bouncing off the ground, or colliding into various obstacles. Currency can also be collected mid-flight, which can be used in between launches to upgrade the effectiveness and speed of angle/power meters, and to purchase newer and crazier launchers.


★ A 2D launch-and-toss game

★ Characters based on the zany tv show, Tiny Plastic Men

★ Unlock all your favorite baby seals! Upgrade to go faster and farther!


"I love Tiny Plastic Men! so when I saw this game, I had to get it!" -Marlene


"Fun and Silly" -Sharlene


"Cute seals" -Cole

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