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A sniper arcade game where cats and dogs pitted against one another in epic battle of good vs evil. Play as a Kitten Assassin, a kitten pushed too far by the tyrannical dogs that rule Dogmana. Your mission - get your revenge and reclaim your home. Kill dog generals one by one until you've rescued your Kitty Comrades and settled the score. Cute cartoons meet extreme violence in this blood gushing, head exploding, adventure across treacherous lands.


★ Collect cash rewards and upgrade your weapons as you rid the world of dictator dogs.

★ Set up your scope and take aim in 30+ unique locations!

★ Need more of a challenge? Try the elite version of every level to test your sniper skills!

★ Featuring fully animated cut scenes that tell the tragic tale and uprising of Kitten Assassin.

★ Game voiced by unique voice actors including MARK MEER, the voice of Commander Shepard himself.


"I beat it I LOVED the game and I am so exciteted for the next one! When will it come out?" -CharaDreemoo


"Great  I loved it awesome game ever" -Colleen Evans


"Love it  Fun every second" -Sion Lauderdale

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