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The evil Robophobes have unleashed a virus that is corrupting the peace loving robots of Rainbowtron. Only you can stop Megaphobe and free the GayBots from the forces of ignorance and intolerance! Unite the GayBots and free your friends using the powers of Friendship and Love! GayBots is a simple turn-based card game that allows the player to fuse two of their GayBot cards into a single more powerful card, dealing damage to their opponent. With more than fifty different combinations at your disposal, the GayBots can combine into a multitude of friendly props and situations. Thwart your foes with a Love Bomb! Defeat your opponents with the shock of a Hipster! Perform a Half Time show to distract your enemies! Build a Pride Flag to spread awareness and fight the evil Robophobes!



★ COLLECT over 50 charming and EXOTIC robots!

★ COMBINE your robots into stronger and more FABULOUS creations!

★ CUSTOMIZE your deck and hand craft the ULTIMATE set of cards!

★ UPGRADE your cards in the WORKSHOP to make them outrageous!

★ BATTLE online in the FUNDERDOME and challenge other players around the world!


"So much fun! Very addictive! Screw you Robophobes!" -M Nad


"LOL This game is funny and amazing." -Anon


"Great game Similar to little alchemist, although I find it to be more interesting than that. Don't know why some reviewers are offended by the nature of this game, if anything we need more games like this." -Johnny Martire

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