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This FREE edition is a sample of our Cool Spell series created to help kids learn their alphabet, spell and speak a selection of words in English, Spanish, French and German.

Zany animations and sound effects will keep your little ones coming back again and again. Little will they realize while they hear cool explosions, see bouncy letters, snap letters around rubber band style, and collect cool stars, that they are in fact learning.

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★ Learn the alphabet and spell words in English, Spanish, French and German

★ Letters and words are spoken by native speakers

★ Cute and attention-grabbing animations that kids would enjoy such as snapping sounds and cool explosions!

★ Game board map to track your progress

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"This is a nice game This is a wonderful game for children 1-4 it is a spelling game worthy of a down load" -Steph

"A cute game that my kids enjoy! Baby likes to blow up the letters while the older kids like to spell the words with the least amount of mistakes to do a better job on the progress map." -Marlene

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